diseñadores de interiores en Sevilla

Interior Designers

Loft Home has always provided exclusive services, based on personalised advice tailored to each customer’s preferences. To that end, we have a team of Seville-based expert interior designers with over 25 years of continuous experience in custom-made furniture.

This multidisciplinary team, which specialises in high-end decor and luxury projects, offers exclusive services at competitive prices. The designer monitors the project from start to finish using a very specific and unique process that reflects the initial ideas proposed by the customer. Our foremost aim is to understand the needs that the project must satisfy in order to explore different possibilities using drawings and custom-made furniture catalogues.

Given that personalised advice is one of our company’s pillars, we visit your home to make direct contact with the space we will be furnishing. We take on site measurements and prepare a detailed project based on interior paint, floor, lighting and curtains to create a unique atmosphere in which new decor trends are adapted to provide comfort and convenience to the tenants.

Custom furniture for a unique project

Ultimately, we deliver the final concept based on the customer’s preferences and the expert opinion of our designers. Once the project is deemed feasible, the order is prepared and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks.

Our designers are strongly committed to creating a quality, interior design project; hence, our advice is totally free of charge. Indeed, our costs focus solely on the final products.

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