Loft Home

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Loft Home is a Seville-based high-end furniture company, geared towards providing personalised and comprehensive advice to create unique interior design projects.

The company was set up in 1988 as a dealer showcasing luxury furniture-related products. After years of hard work, and having taken part in prestigious international fairs, we began to manufacture and distribute our own products in 2000. Due to the widely positive response by the public and the wholesalers, we launched an ambitious project, opening a retail store in Seville. Located at Avenida Bueno Monreal, the versatility, quality and exceptional expertise of our professional staff has made Loft Home a benchmark store in the city.

The dedication and commitment of our team, and the excellent quality of the materials used to make custom furniture, enables us to deliver exceptional service without intermediaries nor distributors.

Loft Home, leader in high-end furniture in Seville

We do not take no for an answer. We believe that any project is possible if the means and best professionals to attain it are available. We also try to find the solution that best suits the customer’s preferences and needs, including woodwork and finishing.

Therefore, we intend to make further progress towards our goals and objectives through new markets, technological development and tools that will make it as easy as possible for customers to design and tailor their decoration projects.