Loft Home’s work philosophy holds that the life and use of a furniture can be invaluable if it is properly cared. Our Seville-based experts in furniture restoration use the latest technologies and industry expertise to restore your antique furniture to its original lustre. Thanks to them, you will be able to bring it back to its former glory.

Our furniture restoration process seeks to recover the essential value of each piece. To do this, we use individualised, artisan techniques and products that are suitable and respectful with the original style of the piece.

Seville-based furniture restoration experts

Our professionals always seek to restore the beauty and functionality of antique furniture, and make them more useful and practical. This service can also give the furniture a more contemporary touch or adapt them to new needs.

With regard to the restoration of antique furniture in Seville, our goal is to restore antique furniture to its former glory, without compromising the original design that make these pieces unique and exclusive. Indeed, our expert team will use the experience gained to combine traditional and cutting-edge restoration techniques.

All techniques and materials are painstakingly chosen in accordance with the period and style of the piece and the type of varnish used. We clean the furniture using a mechanical or chemical process, depending on the piece. We may use ammonia, alcohol, acetone or strippers.

For traditional finishes, we use natural oils and waxes, as well as French polishing (varnish applied with a wad). Synthetic varnishes depend on the furniture’s style and period.
Loft Home offers chromatic reintegration and repairs damages always with natural finishes. We use water-, earth- and alcohol-based ebonised dyes.

We use natural waxes and beeswax to protect waxed furniture and add a beautiful, smooth sheen.

Contact us if you need to give new life to old furniture. Our expertise in furniture restoration is backed by years of experience in Seville.